A Guide To A Few Summer Recipes To Try With Your Family

The moment you hear, Summer, a feeling of relaxation, vacation and holiday strike the highest of notes. But these notes are incomplete without the full taste buds experience for your family. It’s a time to cruise along the open roads in a rental car, looking for the perfect spot to camp in or enjoying a sunny picnic with your loved ones with the company of some lip-smacking dishes that all enjoy. One thing that always makes the decision harder while traveling is what should one eat depending upon the occasion or time of the day. Hence, we have curated below a list of dishes for you and your family to try, while traveling.

The Kids

Kids can get somewhat irritable during summers due to loss of energy and sweating. Especially while traveling gives them dishes with the right balance of taste and health to keep them active and happy.

1. Fresh Cream with fresh Fruits, Sugar and Cinnamon powder prove to be a healthy as well as yummy in-between snacks for kids.
2. Homemade fresh fruit popsicles are a superb way of getting your kids to consume energizing treats, along with making their taste buds dance.
3. Chocolate Milkshakes or smoothies with nuts are a personal favorite when it comes to beating the summer heat with sass.
4. Wraps are also a great idea to make kids enjoy some substantial food and can be made with fresh vegetables or meat as per choice.
5. Multigrain bread pizzas are a snacking delight for kids and one of the lesser-known ways to make them eat all the vegetables.

The Grown-Ups

Summertime for us adults is more about engaging in pure indulgence, eclectic date nights and some much-needed quality family time. One thing common in all of the above things is food.

1. Nothing like the fresh summer morning and the smell of homemade banana pancakes. A Nutritious breakfast treat for all ages.
2. A fresh Watermelon and Feta salad with cucumber, basil and lettuce vinaigrette, topped with cherry tomatoes induce the feeling of sitting by the Greek taverns with a mix of subtle flavors that rock you up from top to bottom, leaving you feeling energized and satisfied at the same time.
3. Absolutely nothing compares to a juicy filet mignon to treat your senses with a sense of pure and a delectable meal.
4. Grilled Tuna with a side of cream and mashed potatoes along with some smoked vegetables can turn that heat up on those summer date nights.
5. The best saved for the last is a simple chicken or a seafood paella that will take right to the shores of The French Riviera.

Things to Avoid Eating During Summers

During summers especially we tend to rely more on taking out food than home cooked. Due to high temperatures, it is important to make sure that the food being consumed is fresh, not packed and/or street food. Also, one should avoid fast or junk food as much as possible and they contain a lot of processed foods and preservatives that can come between your family’s happy summer vibes.

So now you have an idea for this summer to be extra special keeping in mind the health and well being of your family. With the above do’s even a rental car road trip will make you as happy as a luxury cruise.

Author: Ricardo Baker