6 Best Family Cars to For Your Vacation

A family vacation is like rite of passage, it brings family together and memories to remember. You cannot run it buy a vehicle because of a planned vacation. In the article below nu car rental las vegas reviews is acompiled a list of six recommended cars for family’s vacation, either a big family or a small family.

1. Large Sedan Chevrolet

This car is enjoyable to drive, very quiet and comfortable. It has punchy v6, reliable four-cylinder with six-speeds automated. Next, it has good accerelation, braking system is adequate and secure when handling. Total of three adults can sit at the back seat .Controls are easy to use the front visibility is blocked.

2. Midsized SUV: Kia Sorrento

It has small shades but the car is city-friendly, it has large space including small third row seat. The front seats are well placed and very comfortable for adults. In fact, this car is economy friendly it saves on fuel cost, while the four cylinders are reliable. The interior design appears flat with easy controls an information system. Therefore, the car is equipped with advanced safety gear with emergency brake in case of a collision warning.

3. Luxury – Living Audi Q7

Q7 is comfortable, calm its ride is smooth with good and control befitting a luxury car with additional of air suspension. Driving is responsive and inspiring; 3 adults can sit at the back, with large space for head room. It has high quality seats and high tech digital instrument.

4. Minivan: Toyota Sienna

It has big sliding doors, large luggage room, a lot of seats and pile of cup holders; this seems to be among the best for a family vacation. The third row sit can comfortably accommodate three adults. Reliability of this minivan is above average.

5. Towing –Ready SUV: Dodge Durango

It is quite comfortable and spacious with it’s impressive creature comforts. In detail,  the vehicle differentiates from Jeep Grand Cherokee because it is longer and has a third row seat. Consequently, it has v6 and v8 engines which make it performance good while saving fuel. The space it has carries around 1,000 to 2,000 pounds which is the largest comparing to other models. Reliability of this car is estimated to be average.

6. Small SUV/Wagon

The drive is very comfortable with responsive handling with a large space. The Subaru has a standard all-wheel drive for assurance of smooth travelling in winter season. The six–cylinder makes the car quite faster and thirstier saving around 2 mpg.It has the best infotainment system with a touch-screen. The wagon front seats can accommodate three adults. The visibility is good , blind spot indicator available.

These are the best car models for family vacation which you can get from rental24h.com

Author: Ricardo Baker